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We are a well established gaming community that is looking for new members to join the ranks.

The primary goal/purpose of this community is to create an environment to foster intense fun and competition on the largest scale possible. Our community supports the following consoles:

  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • Playstation 4 (PS4)
  • PC

Why join IDS?

IDS brings more then just great gaming in a great atmosphere!

  • Professional website and forum - Updated weekly
  • The community is extremely active
  • Competitive but friendly atmosphere
  • An organized ranking structure
  • Access to the IDS Battlefield 4 Server
  • Clan Wars
  • A chance to take part in community events, tournaments and scrims


  • Must have and use a microphone
  • Must be able to speak English
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be mature, respectful, and most importantly know how to have fun
  • Agree to the Code of Conduct

Division Recruitment

Xbox 360

When IDS was created, several years ago, we were an XBOX only clan - this is why this console is the most popular amongst us. Our focus here is on FPS based titles:

  • Call of Duty (AW / BLOPS)
  • The Battlefield Series (BF4)
  • Halo

Xbox One

Naturally, many of IDS' members have migrated to the next gen XBOX One. Our focus here is on FPS based titles:

  • Call of Duty (AW / BLOPS)
  • The Battlefield Series (BF4)


With the launch of the next generation consoles, IDS made the migration to include the Playstation 4. We are currently supporting the following titles:

  • Call of Duty (AW/ BLOPS)
  • The Battlefield Series (BF4)


We have many PC players in IDS, but our most popular title is League of Legends. We are looking for competitive and casual players (Level 30 is not a requirement!) to join us. We have a team speak server available for our members here.

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